Tips for managing databases in Sequel Pro

January 24, 2018 · 1 min read

How to visually manage your databases in Sequel Pro using favorites, colors and emojis.

I will present you some tips to make it easy to visually manage your servers and databases using emojis and colors. The idea comes originally from that fideloper’s tweet.


To manage my databases, I use Sequel Pro’s favorites, and I add some cool hacks.

Sequel Pro favorites


I combine favorites depending of the same project in a folder. I help myself to visually determine the project adding an emoji corresponding to the project at the beginning of the folder’s name.


First, I add a color to my favorite to determine if the favorite is in production or local:

Sequel Pro colors

I make a difference between a project and a server. But basically, a project is just a server with a database selected.


Then, I add an emoji at the beginning of favorite’s name to visually explicit in a cool way the type:


Finally, I add a text between square brackets in the name of the favorite to explicit the type:

Bonus tips: Tabs

Don’t forget to always display tabs !

Sequel Pro tabs

I hope these tips will help you to manage your databases easily in Sequel Pro ☺️

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