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Projects (26)

Here’s some interesting projects I created:

📖 2018 Alexandria (Docuwiki)
My personnal google with certified informations curated by myself.
🗺 2017 Nomad Places
A web application to easily manage trips as a Digital Nomad and travel easily. Only for my personal use yet.
💰 2017 Compta
A web application for small business accounting. Only for my personal use yet.
🎨 2017 Cool Colors
A website to search for cool colors in hexadecimal and RGB. More information
👨‍🚀 2017 Spaces wallpaper template
A wallpaper template to help me recognize which desktop I’m on (thanks to Spaces feature on Mac Os). More information
💀 2017 Memento Mori Wallpapers
A collection of wallpapers on the "Memento mori" theme. More information
💼 2017 Projets
An interface to manage my projects on Github. More information
📱 2016 Ely
A start-up to manage waiting lines in a digital way and remove physical waiting lines. More information
📈 2015 Saas Metrics
A template to automatically generate a dashboard for SaaS projects displaying the common metrics.
👨‍⚕️ 2015 VisiSanté
A specific website generator for doctors and healthcare professionnals ready for french law and regulation.
👨‍💻 2015 Appstraction
The marketing website of my web development company.
✍️ 2015 Contrat
A contract generator for my freelance services in web developement
🚚 2014 WooCommerce Mondial Relay website
A specific e-commerce website to sell a Wordpress/WooCommerce plugin for Mondial Relay services that respect french law about selling virtual products.
📖 2014 WooCommerce Mondial Relay documentation
A documentation for the Wordpress/WooCommerce Mondial Relay plugin (french only).
💑 2014 Open
A dating mobile application to meet local people in bars, clubs where you are easily.Know you is single, and obtain some information to start a discussion. No virtual chat, only real chat.
2013 Todo 2
An enhanced version of a simple checklist web application.
👨‍💼 2013 Novelty
A web application to manage the clients, quotes, invoices, payments... of my first web developement company.
☑️ 2013 Checklist
A checklist system management to check if all the requirements are done before lauching a website.
👀 2013 Demo
A website to show the template of their future website to my clients.
🤫 2013 Askiparait
A Facebook page scraper to display posts of rumors in France high-school.
😍 2013 Spotted Toulouse
A Facebook page scraper to display love messages for people spotted in Toulouse, France.
2012 Todo
A simple checklist web application.
🤓 2012 Reboot Intranet Epitech
A Chrome extension to redesign the intranet of French IT school Epitech.
💄 2012 The Tradles
A stock market for brands in fashion based on their products and their hype.
👨‍💻 2012 CAD Production
The marketing website of my first company.
2012 Clément Barbaza
My personal website.

Packages / plugins (32)

You can find all my open-source websites, web applications and packages on my Github profile.

📑 2018 Google Spreadsheet Data
Get data from a Google Spreadsheet using node.js.
👨‍💻 2018 Dokku Env Converter
A bash script to convert PHP .env file to inlined variables for Dokku.
🚀 2018 Pre-launch template
A pre-launch template to validate an idea.
👨‍🎨 2018 Icarus Prototype
Fast prototyping for future PHP applications.
👨‍💻 2018 Dotenv Heroku Converter
Convert php .env environment variables in Heroku environment variables.
👨‍💻 2018 Parse ClearDB Mysql Url
A simple PHP script to parse ClearDB MySQL environment variable on Heroku.
💻 2018 Electron webview
A simple Electron application to create a webview. More information
📝 2018 DocuWiki Apple Support template
A minimal template for docuwiki based on Apple Support.
🚚 2018 Woocommerce Mondialrelay Theme
The Wordpress child theme for Storefront for WooCommerce Mondial Relay plugin.
🕵️‍♂️ 2017 PHP SEO Tag
A php package to add metadata tags for search engines and social networks to better index and display your site's content.
🚚 2017 Template Mailchimp WooCommerce Mondial Relay
MailChimp template for WooCommerce Mondial Relay project.
📧 2017 Template Mailchimp
Template for Mailchimp.
👨‍🔬 2017 Icarus Jekyll
A starter kit for Jekyll to make and deploy static websites very fast. More information
🖍 2017 Bootstrap 3 Style Guide
A simple style guide for Bootstrap 3 to let you have a quick preview of the style of your Bootstrap components. More information
👨‍💻 2017 Slim Grafikart
Source files of a project based on a tutorial for Slim PHP by Grafikart. https://www.grafikart.fr/tutoriels/php/slim-framework-831
👨‍💻 2017 Template package
Package template for PHP projects
💰 2016 European VAT number validation
A PHP package to verify the validity of a VAT number issued by any European Union Member State.
💰 2016 European VAT rates
A PHP package to grab up-to-date VAT rates for any European Union member state.
🚨 2016 Cool error pages
Cool error pages
👀 2016 Template Soon Page
A coming soon page that I use when I buy a domain and haven’t done anything yet.
📝 2016 Content Spinning
A simple PHP content spinning for SEO.
📅 2016 Tyme to Google Calendar
Bash script to convert Tyme csv file in Google Calendar csv file. More information
🚚 2016 Mondial Relay Webservice App Nusoap
Create a Mondial Relay shipping
🚚 2016 Mondial Relay Widget
Mondial Relay widget demo
📧 2016 Sparkpost Example PHP
Simple example for sending an email in PHP with SparkPost
🚚 2016 WP WooCommerce Mondial Relay
A Wordpress/WooCommerce website configured for WooCommerce Mondial Relay plugin
🤖 2015 NGINX Spam Referral
Blacklist Referer Spam Bots with NGINX.
👨‍💻 2015 Database
Simple PDO Class
🔍 2015 PHP HTML Parser
A simple HTML parser in PHP.
📧 2015 PHP Facebook Scraper
A Facebook scraper written in PHP to get the email address of all the users who liked a Facebook page.
🚚 2014 WooCommerce Mondial Relay
A Wordpress/WooCommerce plugin for Mondial Relay services.
💆‍♀️ 2014 Nabilla
Vide tout ce qui se trouve dans la tête (head) de la page


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