Warning! Business can result in serious or fatal injury

July 31, 2017 · 2 mins read

A parallel between sport and business.

I bought a Nike rope for my sports training, and this rope included a notice.

Nike rope documentation

As you can see on the picture above, a sentence is particularly interesting because it applies to sport, but can also apply to business or web development.

Risk of injury can be lessened when safe techniques and common sense are practiced.

When we are a developer or an entrepreneur, we read a lot about techniques and methods given by others. Naturally, we try to apply theses methods as fast as we can on our business or on our project.

But often, we forget the common sense. We forget to think before trying them, and make sure if some advice given by someone who doesn’t know our project can apply to it.

Safe techniques

In web development, if we learn a new language or new methods on a tutorial because a lot of people talked about it, we always want to use it as soon as possible on our project.

But we forget to think about all the parameters of a project.

If I use this new method, wouldn’t it be longer to implement? Wouldn’t we exceed the budget or the time allowed for the project? Wouldn’t it be harder to maintain because I just discovered it? Wouldn’t it be durable?

That’s why before using a new method on a project, we must take the time to think about it.

Common sense

We always have to use our common sense. Maybe this new method is very good and interesting, but the common sense says that it won’t be in this case. Or not the entire method, but just a part of it. Or maybe it could just apply on a specific part of the project.

We are like a child who just has a new toy. We forget all the other toys we loved to play with the new one. But after this period of euphoria, we think about our other toys and we play with them again. And sometimes we won’t or rarely play again with the new toy.

To resume, I think we have to take time to think about the consequences of using new methods on our business or project and not rushing into it. As Nike say, we have to use safe techniques and common sense if we want to lessen risk or injury. Even in business.

Clément Barbaza
Business owner, consultant, developer and project manager.

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