A simple Electron application to create a webview

January 22, 2018 · 1 min read

Here is a simple Electron application to create a webview with some cool features.

Electron webview

Sometimes, you create very useful website or web applications. And you often use these apps because, well, you created useful apps 👍

And sometimes you would like to have a stand-alone application to use it or to give it to your clients. That’s why I wanted to create a very simple Electron app to make an application from a website or web application very quickly and easily.

That’s how the idea of Electron webview came ! I wanted a starter kit/template to create a stand-alone application easily using Electron.


To be clear, the app is simple, because it’s just a webview to display a website/web application (url) in an Electron application.

But when you want a webview, you regulary want features, because they are frequently asked.

That’s why it’s not really just a simple webview.

Electron webview comes with some cool features:

Executable application and installer

Because it can be convenient to use a stand-alone application for a website or a web application, Electron webview comes with shortcuts to:

More information

I detailed the project technically in the readme of the projet.

You can use the readme and the code as a tutorial to discover and understand the creation of a webview in Electron too.

You can find this starter kit to create a webview in an Electron application on Github. I hope it will help you!

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