If you want to connect personally, if you have a business idea you want to talk to me about, if you want a couple minutes of my time on the phone or in person, or if you want to connect for anything that involves a commitment of time, any amount of time, I’d like to avoid it.

I need to have large blocks of uninterrupted, unscheduled time to deep work. To create and think. No interruptions. Free. Productive.

It’s in that mindset and that lifestyle that I do my best work. So I do my best to recreate it however possible.

There are so many circumstances that should warrant me saying yes, but I actually can’t. I could, but I just can’t. Even if that means missing lucrative opportunities or potential business.

Time is our most irreplaceable asset—we cannot buy more of it. We cannot get a second of it back. We can only hope to waste as little as possible.

So if you’re asking if we can chat or get together. The answer is no.

I’m sorry. But I have this condition.

I hope you can understand.